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20 powerful life transforming quotations – T. O. Adekeye

Optimist Gists

(1) Position is temporary, impact is permanent

(2) The easiest way to be poor in life is to eat all your income alone.

(3) Marry someone who will appreciate, accommodate and amplify your visions and ambitions

(4) Fasting and prayer is a culture that secures the future

(5) It is Indecision that promotes frustration

(6) When you add influence and skills to your class of degree it becomes world class

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(7) Those who rule during the day don’t sleep at night so also those who will lead in the future must be careful of their present.

(8) When you keep on drawing motivation from every situation of your life, you will end up making the devil a dummy

(9) It is the content you possess that makes you a table of content, There is no reward in emptiness

(10) Men who constantly break limits are addicted to personal development and capacity building.

(11) It takes spirituality to superimpose every oppositions in life.

(12) Don’t let anything kill your meditation hour, in it lies instruction for elevation

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(13) The day you stop investing is the day you stop manifesting

(14) A good character will always fetch you what your certificate won’t get you

(15) Never allow the circumstances of life to determine your utterances.

(16) The proof that I won’t be poor is that I will labor more strategically than others.

(17) Longing after prosperity without work ethics will lead to abject poverty.

(18) Every leading leaders were once passionate followers

(19) Faith does not respond to symptoms, it responds to scriptures.

(20) When God gives you an instruction, he backs it up with restrictions

Adekeye T.O is a writer, reformer, student engineer and a transformational Speaker

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