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A 31-years old woman attempted suicide in Ilorin

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This happened in an area named Asadam in Ilorin West, Ilorin, Kwara State.
It happened to a woman who is having four children; 2 male and 2 female.

The woman is about 30+ but definitely not up to 40.
It happened this morning (Monday, March 16, 2020).

According to people that know her very well, she had once run away from home.
She ran away to Lagos leaving her 3 children alone for the husband and the husband who happened to be a Taxi Driver didn’t really have the time for the children.

When she came back, the husband still accepts her and they gave birth to another child.
This morning around 10:15, a petty trader not far from where I stay called me and told me to help her dial the number of the woman’s husband.
When I got there, while searching for the name, I saw the first born (around the age of 9 years) carrying the last born (roughly a year old) but she was crying.
I saw the number and dialed it, and then I left.
The petty trader was bitter during the call, she said “Your wife is at it again, she has abandoned the four children” (She said it in Yoruba though).
But when the petty trader found out the reason why the first born was crying, She said “momi mi ran mi ose hypo, won wa ni kama bowa sodo yin” meaning her mother sent her hypo and she told them to leave for the trader’s shop.
On hearing this, the trader rushed to their house leaving the children in her shop.
On getting there, she entered the room and discovered that the woman had just finished drinking hypo with ‘garri’. She had already written departure letter for her husband, children and neigbhours.
The woman was half gone, she shouted and cried for help, people came around, pour water on the woman who drank hypo, and then gave her palm oil. She was a bit revived.
And was rushed to the hospital, we hope she recovers quickly.
To the readers, SUICIDE IS NEVER AN OPTION, if you are planning a suicide mission, think twice.
Think of the people you will put in pain when you are gone, and do you think after committing suicide, you will still make to paradise?
Think twice, No matter what, keep pushing.
Don’t allow the devil to use his depression tool on you because Depression IS REAL.
When you have a problem, don’t keep mute. Share it with those that can help you
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