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Francis Ojima

Francis Ojima has released his new single titled “A new Nigeria”.

The song is reflecting on the past 6 decades, giving Nigerians hope for a better Country and of course, It will be Great.


Download “A new Nigeria” .mp3

Lyrics of “A new Nigeria” by Francis Ojima

1. More than 60 years ago
Baby Nigeria was born
How sad that she still crawls
Government come and government go
But the country stays the same
Her people mourn and groan

A new Nigeria Lord we ask for
It must come, it must come
We’re tired of being battered
bruised and poor
As our voices hit the heavens
Let the gates be opened
Let the country of our dreams
Now be released

2. Now we all have had enough
We have been too numb for long
We must now break our cuffs
We deserve much more o Lord
than the ruling class has done
for change we cry o God

Let us stop the fighting and cursing
and let’s come together now
Let us stop the looting and killings
and together let us shout (twice)
Let us shout…..


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