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Just like Aristotle posits: “A state is the association of families and villages for the sake of attaining a perfect and self-sufficient existence”. Irony seems to befall the thinking of the ‘Great Thinker’, in my Father’s Village. Consequently, a tour to the village is pertinent. Let’s take the tour in lines and unrhymed stanzas in just a canto. Azeez A. Afeez writes.

In my Father’s village;
Is natural and mineral resources morefold than the five loaves and two fishes.
These resources are often coerced and
Not evenly redistributed
Just because;
The leaders never become leader,
The chiefs are the thief
And only the chef, cheers.

In my father’s village,
Everday happenings make one weak.
The sane are chained
And the insane roam.

In my Father’s village,
Pen looters are licensed
And the looters are the title holders.
The looters are celebrated,
And during the party, ‘National Cake’ is shared instead.

Here in my father’s village,
Mental disorder is melodious and
The melody is mentagra.
Humorous performance in the legists house, always.

In my father’s village,
Blood contaminates our water everyday and
The inseminators
Drink out of the water,
Thus, they are further contaminated.
Shame, the endemic goes dawn!

Just as a reminder;
Nigeria is my Father’s village,
Africa is the city and
The World is the Metropole

Naturally, my Father’s village is my village,
Artificially, another village is adoptable.
But one doesn’t go to farm leaving the hut burning.

Yet, only the senile are at work while the fresh bloods are at home.

The collective question should be; what is the BANE of our prosperity and what is the BOON to a weal community?

Until these are answered,
And the fresh bloods get to work,
The village remain precarious, shaky, unsafe and liable to wabble.

At the end of the tour;
Collective task is advocated,
To have a moving and working village, as “our father’s village”!

I’m Azeez A. Afeez.

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