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An homosapien’s confession; my eleventh hour experience

An homo-sapien’s confession; my eleventh hour experience


2019 is gone, but the lessons that was learnt, and the experiences that was garnered is still fresh in my memory.

2019 was young and I had the hope that I will represent my faculty at the senate council. I started the necessary thing that is required of a person with an ambition, I faced so many challenges but I overcame it. Two to three days to the election I was confident, who can defeat me! was my I thought for my name was on the lip of almost all famssites. It was not until the Election Day that I realized that the senatorial seat was not for me. Pathetic! But lesson learnt.

Legacy concept

October 24 2019, I got a message that I have scaled through the first stage of the brain builders international recruitment process, Yes! I will do one of the things I love during most (volunteering) I was happy. But something unprecedented happened I sent the requested personal details to a wrong email, and congratulations turned to consolation. Stupidity! You might think, but, lesson acknowledged.

The following month which was November also came with its own almost unbearable bitter lesson; having received numerous entrance, The National Association Of Kwara State Students Association (NAKSS) scrutinized the entrance and 10 best entrance was picked and I was congratulated on November 7, my euphoric feeling knew no bounds, and I prepared for the last stage which is the oratory contest.

Two days to the contest I was confident I was going to emerge as the winner of the contest but something unfavorable happened; I was aware not until the evening to the contest that the essay topic was different from that of the oratory. This was my fault and not that of the organizer’s for the topic for the oratory was boldly written in the email sent to us. It was almost unbearable not only because I came 5th in the competition but I thought this was going to be the achievement that will quench my aforementioned failures.
At last, another lesson learnt in a bitter way in 2019.

Maybe I was stupid; or negligent
Maybe all the experiences were nightmares; or maybe they were dreams
Maybe I was overconfident; or probably courageous
Mayhap I was not information wise; or maybe the multitask was just far way too much for me
Maybe I was supposed to be considered by BBI; or maybe I didn’t push much for their consideration

Perhaps I was negligence of the word “everyone is solely concerned with his life” applies to family also or probably I thought I was right of my conviction “take your time out to care for the people around you”.
Maybe I have learned unlearned and relearned or maybe the lessons had gone with 2019.

Maybe the readers have to digest and decipher the lessons themselves; or perhaps they should ask me what lessons can be deducted from this piece.

Maybe the reader can pick what I was in 2019 and criticize my actions ; probably they can appraise and advice me on what I need to do.
Maybe I was waiting for a new blessing in 2019 that i had to wait till the last day of 2019 before penning this down.
Adeyi Soffiullahi Olamide

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