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[Article] Reptiledom – Azeez A. Afeez • Optimist Gists


— By Azeez A. Afeez.
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Turn by Turn
Then, it was Dog.
Followed by Rat.
Now, Reptiles (snakes)

That land, I hail thee.
Land where,
Dog cause palaver
To a president-ellect’s home

Land where,
A president vacate office
Just for rat.

Now, reptiles.
In the land,
Different days,
Gigantic drama by
Their rulers.

In that Land,
You will receive;
Reptile break from office.
Just for reptiles to flex
Their various offices.

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That Land, I hail thee
The Land of the world
With largest raw materials
Needed for their colonizer
Instead of their own citizens
And there citizens swims
Everyday in abject poverty

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 In the Land,
Some of their leaders
Have ironical integrity
Some, uneducated
But, they can speak
In their colonizer’s tongue.
In the Land,
Most of their leaders
Are nothing but,
Clueless not even decisive.

That Land, I hail thee
The Land, where;
Their leaders are lured
To lure their ruled.
They even thrive in luring
Their ruled, shame.

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The land,
Where the imbeciles,
The morons,
The fools,
The idiotic ones and
The deceptive ones
Are friends of their leader.

Why don’t you learn
From their Opotó tree?
For decades now,
They have been luring the land
Just for raw materials
Needed for their own growth
And subsequently,
Proof superiority
Over them.

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Yet, their rulers
Enjoy that.
They enrich their selves
Including their family
While luring their ruled.

Unfortunately, for the ruled,
They refuse to wake up
From their long slumber.

When! When!! When!!!
When, is the land going to reset?

On a sick bed for the set up.
I will not use my sword
Where my ink is enough.
Nor stop,
Until I am stopped.

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I’m Azeez A. Afeez.
 I write, to correct the Political Anomalies and to entice the Apolitical. Don’t forget to; Live life with diligence, decode your own epic.

For comments, critics, suggestion or assistance, reach Azeez A. Afeez via the following channels:
Mobile: 08164667938
Facebook: Azeez A. Afeez
Twitter: @AzeezAAfeez3

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