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Black Man Mentality by Owoseni Adegoke Israel


OWOSENI, Adegoke Israel

On which pretext is this concept defined? Is it that the mentality of the Black is literarily black? Does nature ascribe obscure mentality to a Black man? Is the receptor of a Black man’s cerebral black? Belligerently, I despise this notion, it is repulsive.

The spate at which a host of Blacks themselves misuse the art of rhetoric is unbecoming. One needs no spur to belief that we really need to ‘unlearn’ many things on the internet and technology surfeited world. In my reflections on the above subject matter, I discovered this misconceived concept tends to mudslide governmental or nongovernmental body, that is inept, inadequate or had failed in its endeavors. It may be good to a number of persons as a means to putting to ridicule or correct the anomalies in our divergent societies, but it is pejorative on our international integrity.

One of the reasons the vast majority of Blacks go by this diabolical saying is traceable to the fact that Blacks are inefficacious in their productivities, they had for long fallen from grace and had lost the effervescence which nation building is in dire need. In the theatre of politics, our political performers are misplacing priorities, they are exchanging transactional and power politics for welfare politics and a revived economy politics.

Truth be told, the so called ‘whites’ did not reach El Dorado in a sequence of a short time, but it took them decades, check history if you are skeptical.

However, as for me and my household, we believe in Africa. Africa will be great, the Black ideologies will very soon be cynosural in comity of nations.

Endemically, this Black man ideology has eaten deep into the fabric of many sectors and well-meaning organizations in the hub world of Africa. They gave it a pride of place in their subconscious minds, unfettered.

Sub-Saharan Africa gullibly accustomed itself with this _faux-pas,_ which flagrantly traduces from one generation to the other. It is ideal to observe that the recurrence of malaise and mal du siècle is due to the voyage of our thought into darkness.

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As I managed to observe, what led to this erroneous coinage is the large amount of heaped sentiments, biases, favouritism, prejudices, corruption amongst many others the Blacks use or had used to approach their affairs. They are not fair and just enough in their personal and public actions. The Blacks are devoid of justice to a large extent and one of their characteristics is; substituting technocracy for an unimaginable less.

It appeals to be wise if we, les hommes noirs,_ hearken to the naked truth of that 18th century French man, Jean Jacques Rousseau, as he had stressed ‘each man, in giving himself to all, gives himself to nobody and as there is no associate over whom he does not acquire the same right as he yields others over himself, he gains an equivalent for everything he loses, and an increase of force for the preservation of what he has’. This can be a de facto if we practice it, regardless of our socio-cultural and religious affinities.

By importance, my submission is that this ideology is not mouth-worthy for international pride, it besmirches in is stead and should be promptly distuned in the ear and effaced from the terrence.

‘The believe people hold determines their values’. In connection, there is no Black man mentality, we only have a Black man world which is Africa.

OWOSENI, Adegoke Israel is an undergraduate student of French, University of Ilorin, and can be reached through: or 08169119277

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