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CHANGE: A Viable Syndromic in this Hectic World of 21st Century – Azeez A Azeez

Azeez A Azeez play

CHANGE: A Viable Syndromic in this Hectic World of 21st Century.

A short Play by Azeez A. Afeez.

F-Mom; Hello…dear, how are you?

Alade; I’m fine, ma….èkúrólé(good evening), ma!

F-Mom; Bawo ni school è?

Alade; Fine, ma.

F-Mom; Good….are you there?

Alade; Yes, ma.

F-Mom; Good….hold on oo

Alade; Okay, ma.

F-Mom; Okay, how are you? (Trajectory )… So, you have to face your study, you know?

Alade; Yes, ma.

F-Mom; You don’t need; ‘B’ you don’t need ‘C’….all you need is Distinction..

Alade; Okay ma.

F-Mom; …and no girlfriend, you have to face your study….don’t join bad group. Kosi nkan ti ofè fi egbè buruku séé( You have nothing to do with bad group), just face your study, okay?

Alade; Yes, ma.

F-Mom; Whatever you need tell me, you have to face your study, okay?

Alade; Alright, ma….Hello, ma!
Mom, ah, a-h is in, I didn’t have money on me, again?

F-Mom; Okay!
Won à send òwó si é.
You have to face your study!

Alade; Okay, ma. (Alade rejoicing)
Ah, Olohun sèún(Thank God).

{Exit F-Mom}

Alade; (Aside) May God Almighty continue to replenish my mom’s pocket.

A write up by Azeez A Azeez

{Enter Feronika, who is a deceitful girlfriend to Alade and a sex worker before Kunle)

Fero; How are you, love?

Alade; I’m fine and you?

Fero; I’m not good.

Alade; Why, What happened?

Fero; I’m suffering from toothache.

Alade; Since when?

Fero; Since last two days.

Alade; Sorry babe. Have you taken any drug?

Fero; Yes, thanks.

Alade; what type of drug did you take?

Fero; One teeth pain relief or so.

Alade; Okay!

Fero; Babe, what of the money I asked for?

Alade; Oh, that’s true. Resend me your account number, I mistakenly deleted the messages on my phone.

Fero; Okay, thanks dear.

{Enter Baliqis, Alade’s school mother}

Alade; (phone alerted; it was Fero’s message.) Oh, she sent it already.

Billz (shortened form of Baliqis); {calling Alade, her school son} Hello son, how is your day going?

Alade; Fine and yours?

Billz; Good also.

Alade; Will you be around this evening, Bills?

Billz; No, I’m not.

Alade; Okay. But, where are you going mummy?

Billz; I’m going to Igbàlé (The shrine), we have a rehearsal for the upcoming Sángó’s festival that will hold early next week, by 4pm.

Alade; Oh, that’s true.

Billz; You know this year festival will be different because, we have our visitors far and near and the Àlágbàá (the leader of the shrine) has instructed us of how it will go.

Alade; Okay oh. I will come with my Fero and her friends to watch this year festival.

A write up by Azeez A Azeez

Billz; You are all welcome.

Alade; Love you, school mother.

Billz; Love you too son.

Alade; Tra-la-la.

Billz; Son, don’t forget ; you have to improve in this semester’s result?

Alade; Hmm, yes…but, how will you have time to tutor me owing to your rehearsal activities?

Billz; Don’t worry, we will do that. You know, ‘Education First’

Alade;( exclaimed) ‘Education First’ !

Billz; What of Feronika?

Alade; (Ecstatic) that one…

Billz; what happened?

Alade; That young lady is just vociferous.

Billz; Hmm, it’s now you know she is noisome creature, enh.

Alade; See, Billz let’s leave all that aside now.

Billz; It’s well.

{Light Off}

A write up by Azeez A Azeez

[Later; that semester]

Alade; [Aside); Ah, I’ve to reshuffle my plans…My Mom didn’t want me to join this school politics nor any bad group (even the school mother posit similar thing). I know they would never want nor pray evil for me…ehm, ah…omo, I’ve to drop all these things and face my study oh, after all, I will posses good grades and I can be proud of that. Thank God, she (mom) kúkú promised to back me in all the good things I wish to do.

(Later; the following day)

A write up by Azeez A Azeez

Alade; Hello Fero, how are you?

Fero; Hi, I’m fine. How are you too? (trajectory)…I called you severally yesterday but you didn’t pick up the calls nor return them?

Alade; (reluctantly) oh, I wasn’t with my phone.

Fero; ah, but I noticed, you were online on WhatsApp throughout yesterday na?…you even upload your status immediately my call dropped… Can I even remember… Ehm, hmm…oh, okay…I remembered. You quoted “My life will change, only when I change”

Alade; oh, I think, I do.

Fero; Wait oh, do you copied it somewhere?

Alade; hmm, no.

Fero; hmm

A write up by Azeez A Azeez

Alade; that was just exactly what I realized, yesterday.

Fero; ehyah, good boy…it’s now, you wanted to be forming serious student, è pèlé.

Alade; wo, Fero, leave all that for now…I’ve one serious issue to discuss with you.

Fero; Really!

Alade; Yeah!

Fero; Oh, what is that?
Should I come over there so that we can discuss it over night? Moreover, I would have time to take care of you,as well.

Alade; oh no. No need. We can discuss it on phone.

Fero; Okay oh! So what’s it?

Alade; Fero, see…our rela…hmm

Fero; our what na? What is this one you are doing now? Talk joor.

Alade; okay, Fero, see…we can still be friends and help each other academically oh, but I want us to stop all this love love things. Because…

Fero; {Aside} what’s this one saying? Who love him before? (imbecile), Abi kagba òwó lówó kàà fi survive (meaning; idiot, who love him, we are only collecting his money sustain ourselves).

A write up by Azeez A Azeez

(Back to Alade), hmm, like, I don’t understand what you are saying? Wait, are you kidding me? No, no, it must be a prank.

Alade; see, Fero I’m serious… For a while now; my muumy have been calling me, telling me what I’m doing in school as if she is here with me…she even threaten to stop my monthly allowance and subsequently stop paying my school fees if don’t desist from the acts.

Fero; so, mummy’s son!

Alade; see, Fero, I only want us to divert from dating to helping each other academically. Afterwards, if God say we go marry, we go marry noni.

Fero; (putting a call to her real Boyfriend— Sàngókunle (to Fero’s belief) Hello Kunle, where are you?

Kunle; I’m home. What’s up?

Fero; Hmm.

A write up by Azeez A Azeez

Kunle; Come and eat, my love. I’m even missing you self?

Fero; Kunle, there is problem oh.

Kunle; What problem is that, dear?

Fero; Alade just called me now that; we should put an end to our relationship because of what her mother told her…hmm, and you know, that is our Automated Teller Machine (ATM)?

Kunle; (Aside) olosho oshi (meaning; useless prostitute ) who is dating you before!

( Back to Fero) Ah, what was your response, then?

Fero; I was pretending to lure him back into our wallet ni. I was even crying fake cry…the idiot was thinking it hurts me, not knowing it was a deceitful cry.

Kunle; {Aside} oponu, you will later cry real cry you don’t know anything.

(Back to Fero) hmm, let see what we can do to lure him back true true… But, you know I’ve missed you na. Will you come over tonight, so that we can reason together, babe?

Fero; (reluctantly) no no.

Kunle; Babe na…you know; you are the blood in my vein…the water in my blood…you know, I love you? Please na.
You know; I cannot think positively without you? Okay, see…I just downloaded some new films …they are really interesting, you will enjoy it.

Fero; Really!

Kunle; Yeah, of course. I will even get you food from that big takeaway restaurant we went there last week.

Fero; Wow! Okay, see you soon, dear.

Kunle; Thanks… That’s my babe…you know I love you?

Fero; I love you too, my love…Sàngókunle mi.

{Enter Afolabi, Nas ( putting on a brown Jalabia), Awoyemi and Sango-Wande, friends to Adekunle}

Kunle; (after the call. Now, to his friends- Yemi, Afolabi, Nas, and Wende) guess what?

One of the Friends (Wande); wha..tty, ogbeni só ténuè (Mr man, say what’s in your mouth)?

Kunle; ah, I don jèèlo again…Sexy Fero is coming tonight… Omo, na back to back tonight because, e bi like say; I go soon commot hand from that babe body.

Another of the friends(Yemi); ah I sure, you be idiot guy…na that lady you come dey shout on top?…lady wey I see for Samanda Hotel last weekend and no be first neither the second time wey I go see am there be dat.

All the Friends; (cheers, laughs and shake each other in friendship manner), nigga.

Kunle; Thank God sey; I everly dey use protection do the stupid prostitute.

Another of the Friends(Nas); Oshee bad guy…I pity your life…after school now, you go come useless, right?

Kunle; wetin this idiot dey talk? You wey we dey try expose wey no gree expose. Any time I’m talking, don’t let me see you intervene, okay?

Nas; I don talk my own…na your choice to take it or leave it.

Kunle; Fuck off, bro.

Nas; No qualms,bro.

(Some minutes later) they both departed and Kunle rushed to his hostel to prepare for Fero, he also borrowed some cash from his friend (Afolabi, birds of a feather) to get food for Fero at the big restaurant in the town of their school.

Fero; (knocking) ko ko ko

Kunle; Who is there ?

Fero; it’s me. Adekunle come and open the door.

Kunle; pardon?

Fero; Answer na…it’s me, Feronika.

Kunle; (Hurriedly rush to the entrance) oh, babe…sorry, you’re welcome.
How was your journey na, hope it was not stressful?
Anyway, I’m here for you to relief you of the stress, babe.

Fero; (smiles) thank you, love.

Light Out!

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Note: Alade later disengaged Feronika, he joined school politics and contributed immensely to the welfare of the students, but disassociated himself from cultism including any form of bad group that is capable of influencing his life negatively.

He graduated with a very good grade of 2:1 from The Department of English. He established his own business and he was a prosperous businessman like Alhaji Aliko Dangote ( the richest man in Africa).

 But, sorry and disgusting was the case of Feronika, Sàngókunle, and Afolabi because they were (both) not able to graduate the same year as their colleagues, Alade graduated. Not only that, the trio of Sàngókunle, Feronika and Afolabi were tested HIV positive by a private doctor and subsequently confirmed at the national hospital and they were all detained in a national camp meant for people living with HIV/AIDS.

The Ardents

 Nas, Sàngówande and Awoyemi also managed to graduate with a 2.2 grade and gained employment into the federal ministry of work, housing and employment, respectively.

After two years, Feronika was discharged and approached the ministry of employment for job but, Yemi (who was then a director in the ministry) strived in all ramification to void all Fero’s attempt of employment at the ministry.

Question:- Is Yemi, a bad person? or if you were the one; what will you do, owing to the fact that Fero is HIV positive and by all her ways of life while still in the institution?

Moral lesson: “our life will change only when we change, positively”. Let’s all endeavor to be a good ambassador of our family wherever we go, commit ourselves to academic integrity in our various institutions, steer clear from any act capable of ruining our life.

I’m Azeez A Afeez, I’m Committed to Distinctive Intellectualism.
You can reach me through the following channels; Email:-
WhatsApp/Call:- 08164667038
Facebook:- Azeez A. Afeez
Twitter:- @AzeezAafeez3

Thank You.

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