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Dear dad by Awe Jesujoba Isaac


Dear dad, I’ve read chronicles of mighty dignitaries,
I’ve been to a few galaxies in search for your star
but I couldn’t find you in them; or maybe,
maybe I could have witnessed your heroics in the East,
maybe I would have read the world’s record that you’re the world’s greatest dad
No. But instead you left me with lifetime memories.

You are reading: Dear Dad by Awe Jesujoba Isaac

Dear dad, today is the first day of forever,
a thousand more dawns will break,
you’ll be in the winds, in the swaying palm trees,
 the mountains, the moonlight, the curtains and the cock’s crow,
you’ll be everywhere, in everything, but will you be there for me again, ever?
I’m reminiscing on those past, lost, broken days
when you sacrificed every beads of sweat just to watch me grow old.

Dear dad, I wish I had let you known that your glow could light up the universe,
I guess it’s not too late to tell you how I feel about you;
dad, your absence burns brighter than ten suns.
It’s just another call of nature that you have to pay obeisance to,
though I wish I had told you that you’re immortal; flawless, fearless and fierce

While it’s heaven’s visiting hours, I’d come say a hello, maybe flowers, my wife and two sons.

Dear dad, I needed you to keep that fire burning for me,
but otherwise the smokes burn my eyes as they sway into the overcast.
This journey to my destiny begins with the soothing words of balm you told me in the yard,
dad, you won’t be there to witness any of these,
but when life thought it had you in it’s clutches, you dared to show that it was another lasting footprint on this rocky path.
With all the love the world can contain, goodbye dad.

– ‘Jọba

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