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Economics of Relationship by TAPESTRY



Economics is the only dynamic force in history and all other aspects of humanity and society are determined by it, thus, an historian must examine the means of production and exchange to understand the basis of all historical progress” – Karl Marx.

Indeed, economics, which is based on production and exchange, is the foundation of all nations . No nation of the world is self sufficient, meaning no nation possesses all what is needed economically to succeed. To cater for this need, the idea of international trade was conceived. International trade therefore, is an avenue for exchange of production between two countries. In essence, production and exchange is of paramount importance in every country. A market is a place for this exchange as people sell products in order to get a value i.e money for the product sold.

However, this economic process cannot be limited to material exchange only. It is also useful for the understanding of how relationships are formed- especially in dating and marriage. Contrary to the general notion that love is the basis for coming together of a male and female, research shows that the basis for marriage or dating is actually not love but exchange of human quality or value. However, after being together, love could grow out of the relationship. But in the first instance, love is not the basis. Exchange in this case has to do with the quality in which an individual posses. Such qualities as intellect, physique, composure, character, and of course material things top the list . All this and more are commodity that are being traded in the market of relationship. They are the determinant of whom an individual will eventually end up with.

For instance, I attended a singles’ program in which the moderator threw the question, “what is the quality your potential spouse must have?”, to the audience. Some of the answers given by ladies amongst several were: “he must know how to woo a lady”, “he must be romantic” , “he must be fluent in English” , and of course a charming physique. The guys however had a different criteria. They simply care more about the shape and the character.

More also, a survey was carried out using an open ended questionnaire targeting singles, male and female. A total of 140 responses were gotten from both sexes. The female respondents were asked :”can you marry a guy that does not have a life focus and plans for the future even though you love him?” While their male counterparts were asked : “can you marry a girl that is uneducated, taller and older than you?”. Analyzing the results gotten from the females shows that 5.7% was undecided, 10% replied yes, with the explanation that they can help him discover himself since they love him, while 84.3% outrightly said no! One of the responses that fascinated me the most is as quoted: “love is not enough”.

For the male respondents, 1.4% was undecided, 12.8% replied yes, while 85.7% said no. I however found the following response interesting: “I can’t even fall in love with such a person”. Thus, the scenario above and the survey clarify that people does not start a relationship based on love but rather an exchange of value(s).

The trade prior to relationship is similar to a normal buying and selling activities in the market whereby the buyer will look at what the seller is displaying. If the buyer is pleased with what is displayed, s/he will bid for the product (if not he will move along). The seller on the other hand will consider whether what the buyer has to offer is worth the product or not. If it does, an agreement will be reached(if not the offer will be rejected).

Therefore, the quality of the product, as perceived by the buyer, will determine the money s/he will be willing to offer. Also, the money offered for the product will determine if it will be acquired… In this case, the buyer/seller could be a male or a female. This is dependent on who saw the value that interests him/her first. And not only stopping there, but going all the way to make a “purchase”.

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