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Four guys arrested for criminal offense in Ilorin

 Some policemen came to jooro area, off Asa Dam road, Ilorin. In the evening on 2nd of January, 2020.

The reporter said “They came holding one of the guys in our area.”
It was reportedly said that he had been arrested before then, when himself and his friends ran on sighting a particular police officer in a mall.

But when he was caught, he had no choice but to lead the police to their apartment at Asa Dam.

It was reported that when his friends had discovered the presence of police men in the area, they had to climb the ceiling in order to hide.

Their thought was to hide there till the police men are gone.

But “Man thinks, God executes”.

The policemen found out that they were hiding, so the police men forced to come down from their hiding place.
 They instructed them to come out with all their Gadgets.

While doing that, a guy tried to escape by running away but he was caught after a minutes of temple run.

No one knows what exactly they did, but their actions showed that they were in one way or the other guilty.

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