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How to earn on Opera News Hub

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Opera new is a platform where articles are been publish for reader’s engagement.

Opera mini is a popular browser for iOS device, android, Linux and window operating system having over 160 million users worldwide.

Last year, Opera Mini decided to start different, which was named Opera News hub.

What is this opera news hub all about?
The opera news Is a platform where articles can be published for readers consumption.

With the wide range of users worldwide, it will be a great way of making some money with your published articles.


  • An Opay Account
  • Internet Connection
  • Facebook Account

How to create an account 
To create an account with opera news hub,

  • CLICK HERE to visit their website 
  • Sign in using your facebook account.
  • Wait for your account approval (Normally, takes up to 24 hours)
  • After approval, create your first article
  • Submit and wait for your article to be approved.

Making money with opera news hub is not stressful, all you need is consistency.
You need publish great content 
Avoid copied content because when you submit a copied content, your article will be automatically rejected.
Try to publish nice articles and try to avoid any grammatical errors.


The use of the following words in the headline is not allowed: Shocking, Shock, Twitter gone wild, OMG, Unbelievable, Amazing, Surprise.
Opera News consider them as Click Bait

When your article begin to get more engagement, you can begin to track your earning and your performances based on the amount of post views and ads clicks.

Opera mini begin to serve ads in your published posts, this ads gotten from advertisers, some part of the revenue generated from this paid advert is been shared with you the content creator.

This is simply how opera news hub works and this is how you can start making some money from this platform.

Note that you should try to post as much as you can. But it is maximum of 5 posts per day

If there is any question or enquiry, you can drop a comment or message me HERE

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