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How to start data business with less than #1000

How to start Data Business

Strong Internet connection
• #700
• Enough publicity/awareness

Many people really have been troubled about some certain things when it comes to business. 

One of it is Capital. 
I decided to share this article to make things easy and clear some certain doubt about business.
I will be emphasizing on Data Business.
Fanu Omolade
In the actual sense, there is more to data business as it requires correct capital.
But I’ll tell you how to start it with less than #1000.
Starting doesn’t necessarily mean you should start with all network.
You can start with #700 (which is equivalent to 2GB)
and resell at #800 or #850 or #870 as you wish.
Mind you, people will actually go for cheaper Data prices, so you need to be wise.
So, you’re making #100-#200 on every 2GB you sell.
So if you sell 10GB in a day, that’s #500-#1000 gain per day.

Note: You can always buy data directly online for anybody that wants to buy, you will make sure you have strong Internet connection, so that once they pay into you account, you buy the data to their line and keep your gain.
And the service delivers in less than one minute.
You will definitely enjoy it. And with time you can later switch to MTN SME when you have enough money.
Note: you can actually start and kick off with MTN SME if you have enough capital to start it. But you need awareness too.
Because if you are starting it without customers might be discouraging.
And with time you start selling data for other networks.
The truth remains that the gain on the lowest package of MTN is #5000 above,
So, it all depends on the data size you sell each day.

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