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I think this is the time we start thinking right – Nigerian

After several issues that Nigeria has faced, from infrequency m independence, we have has several coup issues.

Still, our leaders aren’t helping the issue.
Many of our leaders make things worse because of one or more of their decisions.
To our parents, the major aim of many parents or parent-to-be is to fly out of the country; with their children.

But they want a changed country.

How is that possible???

To the youth, we call ourselves Leaders of tomorrow.

The fact remains that, today’s leaders are currently where they are because of their past actions, just that the motive behind their actions wasn’t because they want anybody to benefit from them.

Most of their actions were based on their self-filled ambition which is probably unknown to many.
This is time that the youth start thinking like real leaders.

People like Goodluck Ebele Jonathan don’t need to leave the country after their tenure.

Do you want to be that leader that can’t wait to leave the country after his tenure? Because of your atrocities?

Frankly speaking, it shouldn’t be.
Let’s be youths that will change things for the betterment of the nation.
Not for our selfish interest.

God bless our parents
God bless our community
God bless our states
God bless our youths
God bless Nigeria

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