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I won’t go to school until church/mosque are opened – Nigerian Student

Optimist Gists

It is no more a news that the resumption date for institutions and schools generally is obviously closer than we are thinking.

A Nigerian student, from federal university of technology, Minna, whose identity will be made anonymous said in his chat with CEO Optimist on Friday, 22nd May, 2020.

He said “Optimist, this country is confused, Why should I go to school when there won’t be religious gathering? So we should go to school and be comfortable without religious gathering?”

He further said “Do you think it is possible to be in school and restrict students from gathering around especially when things will be rushed and there are many pending events that students had organized, will organize, are organizing.”

“So if those gatherings are inevitable and unavoidable, when then closing churches and mosques? I think we still need to consider many things even before opening schools, so that there won’t be controversy over this resumption stuff”

“When the federal government is ready open churches and mosques, then I’m ready to go to school, else I’m not resuming.. I’ll be collecting note online from my friends.”

Note: This is his own opinion concerning resumption and reopening of schools, and Optimist Gists is accountable for this post, that’s why the student’s name wasn’t mentioned.

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