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In the spirit of love, Valentine – Awe Jesujoba Isaac

Optimist Gists


Poles apart, like night and day,
a distinct twitter by the lark at the balcony:
the sun, basking in the glory of it’s radiance,
ripping off gloom, tainting bliss to each leaf
on the tall palm trees with a perfect spectrum of sunshade,
modelling it.

About six minutes after the trees had fluttered oozes,
when the whirlwind had raced to the east,
the dusty fog, like the golden sands of egypt dropped rapidly,
you, Juliet marched closer, from the distant peak.
“I knew you were always going to come back for me”,
I confessed in my mind, with a big smile reflecting fleet.

And as you moved closer, Juliet, as the zephyrs waved your sarong,
a cloud in the west like a purple pall crept upward;
a life, a presence, like the air,
hazel eyes— a memory like a well-ordered cupboard
flashed through when i first saw them; captivating all day long,
enchanting, fine and dandy, elating: crazily enamored.

Optimist Gists

A smile flashed over her face, like sunshine over a flower,
the charm in her eyes, it was always in her eyes, always,
and her pearly designed teeth glistering in sparks of silver,
an isle of paradise with a fairy glaze.
above every other elegant desire,
she could slay, but she chose grace.

The hinge cringes as Juliet unlocks the door to the living room,
I could evidently see the awe on her face
when the twirling roses in the wine bottle let-off their balmy perfumes.
It was joy unspeakable for me, beau, like flames
to skim every happiness that ran through your veins,
and your lips, like two budded roses in full bloom;
a Rosé, a Burgundy, good cheer and many a moons, musings for always, in Reims.

– ‘Jọba.

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