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Interview with Betabeliefboy – MC with uncommon creativity

Below is the interview with a reknown MC/Comedian based in Kwara State.
Optimist: What is your full name?
BBB: I am Oladunjoye John Temitope Oluwafemi By Name
Optimist: How did you come about starting comedy?
BBB: Firstly I must say thank God, the giver of the talent, I’ll forever be grateful for everything.
I was a dramatist and I really love social things right from my childhood days. 
During my primary school days, I am always part of the end of the year party social activities and when I was in Waziri secondary school, I was the drama coordinator of Christian Fellowship.
Then, in my school I acted in a drama that makes me so popular.
 So since then I can see everything Is turning to be real.
When I got admitted Into the polytechnic I had the opportunity to meet with a friend called Woli_Fadeyii, we were both together then and we formed a drama group (Glorious Drama Ministry) which is now POS(Power Of Salvation ministry).
During my ND (National Diploma) days, people do tell me I’m funny naturally cause I’m not always serious with everything saying I am jovial.
So after my ND days, when I was about going for my IT in 2017, I made up my mind to go fully into comedy alongside MC and a full time entertainer.
I Produced my first comedy skit on my birthday (25th October 2017) And people really loved it, so I made more.
Optimist: What gave you the inspiration of the name BetabeliefBoy?
BBB: About the name BetaBeliefBoy, I cannot even say this is how I got the name, But I know it was Beta Boy before.
So when I wanted to start comedy fully it changed to BetaBeliefBoy. 
What I use to tell people is just that God gave me the name.. 
It has a Special Meaning and It’s Unique
Optimist: What was your parent reaction to it at first?
BBB: My Parents have been fully supporting me from day one. Most especially my mummy (The Woman of my life).
Optimist: What has been the challenges you have faced/currently facing?
BBB: I believe Every Challenges Is Just for us To be Strong.. A lot of Challenges Buh We Bless God, I Can’t Say It all
Optimist: How has MC work been?
BBB: MC work has been so good and fun, It’s paying my bills little by little even do we haven’t gotten to where we are going.
Optimist: How is getting events and shows been?
BBB: Most time I get clients online and from those clients we are been referred to another client (Since my Brand is adding Values to theirs as well).
Optimist: How did you come across Tiwish and others?
BBB: I can’t really remember the year.
But I remembered I saw one of Tiwish short video on Facebook and I saw it that the guy is talented and we can work together 
Since then we’ve been cool and pushing it together, Today I can boldly say I am proud of him and he is proud of me as well.
Optimist: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
BBB: In the next 5 years, this is a very big question. 
In 5 Years time, God’s covenant would have manifest, His will would have been done and BetaBeliefBoy will be a great Brand both In Nigeria and abroad.
Optimist: Your favorite quote?
BBB: The rice at the top of the cooler was once at the bottom of the pot.
Optimist: What is your advise for other upcoming comedian, and MCs?
BBB: This is my advice.. so for this Reason. we should all not give up
God Bless us all
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