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Match Conference with Coach ATA 1.0 – Optimist Gists

Match Conference with Coach ATA

This is first of its kind, Match conference with Physical Science Coach; ATA.

 Optimist: Can you introduce yourself sir?
 Coach ATA: My name is Akintayo Ayomide popularly called Ata sport, a student of the department of chemistry and I’m opportuned to be the head coach of this great faculty of physical science.

 Optimist: Welcome sir. When did you start coaching the faculty?
 Coach ATA: Well I’ve been in the coaching crew since last year when we have the likes of coach musty, coach Adnan and coach Tunji on board and it’s been quite wonderful serving under these noble minds

 Optimist: Comparing your recent success(es) and mistake(s).. What are your expectations this year as the faculty coach
 Coach ATA: Well with the past years, physical science has been one faculty that all other facilities respect alot based on the intellect and integrity, and it has been quite awesome, there is an adage that says  The leader must aim high, see big, judge widely, thus setting himself apart form the ordinary people who debate in narrow confines. So there’s one thing I’m certain of this year, WE ARE MOVING MOUNTAINS.
 Optimist: Ok. So we’ll definitely be expecting much from you as a unique coach sir..
Coach ATA: With the support from the faculty at large both the students, staffs and non teaching staffs, we will do our best to make the faculty proud
 Optimist: Thanks for your time.
 Coach ATA: You are welcome.

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