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Misconception – Talkingpen And Friends

Does Heaven help those who help themselves? What then happens to those who cannot help themselves?  In a World where clarity is obscure and Confusion is in vogue, Is this saying as Aphoristic as it sounds?


This saying subtly infers that those who expect Divine help must first get the ball rolling thus making it a prerequisite for having God’s help. This would be inconsequential if numerous people are not helping themselves and the heavens seem to turn a blind eye. Such have concluded that heaven never helps.


The Toxin in this Juice is that it promotes the self-help trend. The Bible never taught against Humans working, the work however is a response. With matters relating to Heaven, Man has never been the Initiator, not since God came looking for Adam and Eve nor till Jesus Died for Mankind’s Sin.


If we were to use this phrase the way the original authors meant, we would invariably be saying “Do something First, then heaven will follow your lead”. Maybe this was true of the Olympian gods, but is it not Completely against the teachings of Grace we have received and we proclaim as Christians? Or could the Heaven in Question be different from the one we believe in?


The Bible made it clear, Heaven has always helped those who are unable to help themselves and those who receive this help are the ones who look up to Hills from where the help comes from.


This phrase needs either an updating or a new interpretation of “heaven”, it Clearly isn’t the Heaven where Jesus reigns as King. Don’t you think??

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