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[Must Read] Notice to all aspiring students in University of Ilorin

Notice to all aspiring candidates, Unilorin

“I saw this and i was stirred up.I stand to challenge the upcoming leaders for a complete paradigm shift. You must not run things the way you met them. I’m not careful of my words but don’t be a leader that doesn’t know more than quotes.

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Sending quotes that you hardly read or follow. Rather begin to invest your time in practical leadership. You don’t have to occupy a position before you become a leader and you don’t need to have selfish interests before you help people. Let me ask you Mr ”Aspirer”.

How many book have you read on leadership? and how many ways have you been able to demonstrate your leadership capabilities? Enough of picnics and just stupid programs that doesn’t bring us close to our future. Organize seminars, teach us things that will go a long way to help us become better people. Many departments are advancing yet we are still stagnant.

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Today I stand with a movement that says No to a leadership without vision in mathematics department. Stop sending us empty quotes. Prove your worth and we’ll vote for you. Let us see your works even before you get to office.”

 – A Mathematics Scholar

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