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My God – Awe Jesujoba Isaac

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A golden linen from heaven,
my mother; God number two.
More than any god, precious than fine diamonds,
you are my source and my stronghold.
Billions of dollars, thousands of billions, I would give you if I had
but it won’t repay a fraction of everything you’ve given me.

My fountain, my ivory tower,
a life giver and a gift to humanity,
you are that glistering star that my friends see in my smile,
everything in my style, because you’re my confidant, companion, compatriot,
my hope, succor, delight and my number one fan;
you are my god and I must worship you.

Whenever I feel like giving up,
when I feel let down and disturbed,
one thing keeps ringing in my head—
I am tainted on the walls of your heart.
It’s plain as the day because your prayers are like the wonders of a magic,
assuring me and holding me steadfastly on a secure anchor.

– ‘Jọba

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