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New Year, New Me – Adeyemo Shadrach

adeyemo shadrach tomiwa
Adeyemo Shadrach
New year New Me
The realization of this statement comes on the strength of your determination,consistency and devotion.
On a high sensitive point, the statement above shows that so many creature that utters this statement 
Out of their mind and mouth have the potentials to make some great decisions with their lives though 
Most of them, virtually all of them utter it out without any conviction in their mind with the mindset that just
the statement matters but then the conviction and determined heart behind the statement matters more 
than the statement.
    For those that know some fact about determination about a particular scenerio. It is of a necessity that we put into consideration the ability to make decisions but not just mere decisions but with a DEVOTED and a DETERMINED mind.
    God has plans for everyone and part of God’s plan for you is that you experience unusual manifestation of your great destiny. Trust me the major determinants of your great destiny is GOD.
Optimist Gists
    Therefore, every year comes with fresh fruits available for plucks for every single person on this planet
but not until to come to the realization that getting this in a full portion depends on YOU i.e Your determination, consistency and devotion!
    So we must come to the knowledge of this Truth that the fact that you are able to speak it out of your mouth
with your mere mouth,then the achievement is of great possibility.
All you need is a determined mind when making decisions,a consistence habit when things ain’t flowing well, a persistent and a relentless heart and lastly a devoted mind which is ready to get to any length to achieve his set goals.
    Conclusively, you can start 2020 as a NEW YOU but only with those Abilities working inside of you. Shalom!
© Adeyemo Shadrach
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