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Notice to all unilorites; Good standing issue – Optimist Gists

Optimist Gists article about good standing

Good day to you, How’s been results so far? How is the break going?
  I am writing to address the issue of “Good standing” on individual portal, especially to the returning freshers (100 Level going to 200 Level)

Optimist Gists inter university award

It is a yearly phenomenon that the statement “You are not in good standing” appears on all portals (individually), even if all your results both harmattan and rain semester is mixture of A’s and B’s, you will still see the “Not on good standing” message on your portal.

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What you just need to do is keep calm and wait for the upgrade of the school portal.
The process of upgrading usually take weeks, It is advisable for you to be checking your portal weekly to avoid unnecessary pressure.

In the process of upgrading, the level will be removed.
So when you visit the school portal and you did not see your level, don’t panic.

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And there are some advise on the school portal which the owner must follow I.e “Advise to withdraw“, I pray that won’t be our luck (Amen).

• You have below 1.5 CGPA or know someone who has below 1.5 CGPA?  CLICK HERE

Notice: There will be some with promotion on probation, no cause for alarm, all the person is expected to do is to perform well in the coming session, else the person will have to be placed on “Not on good standing” list.

If you have any question or you want to make enquiries, kindly use the comment box (drop your WhatsApp contact also) or is it personal?

Click Here to message me.

Thank you for reading.
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But might be placed on probation


Yes, if the school general cumulative grade point is not met. (I.e 1.5)


200 going to 300, can they also see advise to withdraw?

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