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Pant palava: 100-level student nabbed with his classmate’s boxer found in his wardrobe (photo)

Despite the way angry mob treat anyone caught stealing female underwear, a young man identified as Tunde but also known as Zacchaeus has just been apprehended in Ikere-Ekiti, Ekiti state.

This time around, he was caught with a male underwear.

On Monday, January 28, a 100-level student of the department of English Language in the College of Education was publicly disgraced and handed over to the state police after one of his classmates’ boxers was found tied with charms in his wardrobe.

 The victim whose boxers was found is allegedly a representative of Pace Setters Hall of Residence comrade, his name is Akinola Ayomide but popularly known as Mayegun. According to some of the students, Zacchaeus is an internet fraudster (yahoo boy) due to his lavish lifestyle Some of his classmates also disclosed that Zacchaeus had boasted once that he would soon buy a car before the end of the year. They added that this is not the first case of missing underpants but other students have always found theirs.

 According to The Nation, some of the students said: “We didn’t trust Zaccheus from the beginning. Lately, he has been singing around that he will purchase a car before the end of this year. One of us, who kept his piano in the wardrobe, wanted to take it out when he, unfortunately, saw the calabash hidden inside the wardrobe. On checking it, he found the male underpants of Mayegun.

He was able to recognise it because the male underpant has a hole. Mayegun had complained that the underpant had loosened and become too big for him before it disappeared. He called on us and we saw the boxer along with schnapps and other fetish items wrapped around it.

 When we searched the wardrobe further, we discovered two other underwear. This provoked other residents of the hostel who resorted to demonstration. The angry students descended on Zacchaeus and almost beat him to a pulp. Zacchaeus was on the verge of being set ablaze when he was rescued by the porters in the residence, who immediately got in touch with the Director of Students’ Affairs, who in turn, called the security personnel.

 The Directorate of Students’ Affairs, the security personnel, and student representative bodies immediately rushed, to the scene to control the situation.” Ayomide also disclosed that on his way back from town, one of his friends told him he had been used but could not understand what he was talking about.

 He got to the hostel, questioned Zacchaeus who tried running away but was apprehended. He said: “I went to town yesterday and on my way back, I saw one of my friends who pointedly told me: ‘You have been used’. I couldn’t understand this until I was taken to the room of Zacchaeus where I saw my underwear in a kind of calabash along with schnapps and some fetish items wrapped around it. I could hardly wait for Zacchaeus’ arrival and I asked him how my underwear got to his wardrobe along with those charms.

 He tried to escape, but we chased and grabbed him.”

Director of Student Affairs of the school, Charles Egunjobi, disclosed that the incident is unbelievable and unexpected but the management would look into it.


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