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Unilorin SU President

Unilorin SU President

The student union president of University of Ilorin, Okoko Wisdom Oluwaseun, has joined other student leaders to fight for reopening of schools and ending of ASUU Strike.

The peaceful protest which took place on Tuesday, 20th October, 2020.
Following an opened letter written to the federal government through the state governor.

Okoko Wisdom

Based on the time the ASUU has been on strike, there is an urgent need to call off the strike.

It was further stated that after reopening of institutions, there is an urgent need for funding.
Our universities need to be funded.

Unilorin Presiden Passion

The protest hosted many personalities; Unilorin SU president, welfare secretary and many others.

From Author’s desk
Nevertheless, if things continue this way, there is will be no absolute or defined academic calender as youths won’t back down until our demands are met.

There was an update that 2021 budget will not be signed until #EndSARS protesters and ASUU demands are met.

We say no to #ASUUStrike

We strongly support #EndSARS

After #EndSARS, there are still many sectors to reform, many sectors to end, many sectors to abolish.

God bless Nigeria

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