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Poverty is not Integrity – T.O Adekeye

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Money can not buy you everything but poverty will not get you anything and anything you sin to get is not a blessing. You don’t have to be poor to have integrity, you can be in affluence and not compromise.

In a broken society where compromise is the order of the day, you can be wealthy and still maintain your integrity. Many Nigerians are currently going through unutterable trials and tribulations in foreign countries based on the mentality that travelling out of the country at all cost is the secret to prosperity.The extent to which this trend has been ingrained in youths knows no bound.

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Having the mindset that poverty shows how holy you are is completely hoax and must be disregarded. Poverty makes a man to sin the more, it encourages compromise. Our God is a God of integrity and as holy as he is, he owns the world.

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Despite changing times, we must hold on to unchanging principles, it is saddening that our core values has been greatly warped and nibbled due to improper parenting, peer pressure,exposure to uncensored Western culture. Core values that we used to hold in high esteem such as honesty, integrity, hard work and patience are today in short supply.

In their stead are rat race for money, dishonesty and abuse of office. Yahoo, yahoo+(plus) which was alien to us is now a norm,Thus making the sobriquet “when an abomination persist for long, it becomes a normal thing” a Reality.

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Permit me to quote a king that I Revere so much, Hrm olukotun of ikotun -ile oba Abioye Adebayo who said “it is a defeatist mentality to think the only way to make it in life is through yahoo”.

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Longing after prosperity without work ethics will lead to abject poverty. Hard work backed up with character laced with touch of Excellence will bring about Opulence. Anything that will make you to give feeble effort to work will make poverty to have Dominion over you. The prove that I won’t be poor is that I will labour more strategically than they all.

We are all acquainted with the story of a popular man called job(a name) of uz, despite the mishap that struck him three times in quick succession,he didn’t allow it to determine his course. He was the richest man in his own region in his time,He was full of integrity yet he was in Affluence.

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In order to disperse the gloom of poverty, we must embrace work ethics and integrity.when you remove integrity from work it becomes sheer evil,we must let the light of honesty to radiate all our dispositions.

Poverty is not integrity, poverty is only generated where it is celebrated.

                    T.O ADEKEYE(SPATADEKS), 07083943960

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