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Price: The seed for greatness – T. O. Adekeye

Price: The seed for greatness

What price are you paying for the attainment of your glorious destiny? Price is a non-negotiable sacrifice for those who want to be great. There is no progress without process, there is no pain without gain.

There is no new height without a fight and whatsoever that does not cost you will not last you. Premature manifestation leads to later frustration, what is worth possessing is worth paying for; if you want manifestation, tarry in the place of separation.

Remain in the wilderness ( The place of making). Apostle was in the wilderness of Damascus and Arabia for good three years learning about the person of Jesus. He wrote 13 Epistles amounting to 48% of the new testament and 19.69% of the entire scriptures. Pay the price.

Spirituality is not about running after men of God, It is about having dealings with God. The price of greatness is the same for all generation. Don’t be weary in the school of making.

Those who rule during the day don’t sleep at night, so also those who will lead in the future must be careful of their present. Inorder to grow, you must let go of some people, Whoever and whatever is not aiding your advancement into the future has no business being in your present; drop off excessive weight.

Vision causes separation, Gods vision for you will lead to separation from your comfort zone and relationships. The grace of God is not found in the comfort zone, it is found in the work zone…I labour more abundantly than they all…1 Cor 15:10 Extraordinary life requires extraordinary approach pay the price!

Men who constantly break limits are addicted to personal development and capacity building.Be intentional to study the things you don’t know, It is called growth. It will make you to become a greater version of yourself, the manifestation of your highest potential.

Dear believers beyond fasting,  prayers, church programs also ensure you read your books in your field of endeavors if you don’t want to be a charismatic failure.

Prayer gives you Revelation, the application of your Revelation puts food on your table.The best way to fight ignorance is through books, Anything you don’t know is automatically above you, freedom comes from knowledge..John 8:32.

The Antidote to ignorance is knowledge and not prayer, no man of God can pray off ignorance. Ensure you have access to get cutting edge information, tools and resources that will be of immense value to you.

If you have been called to make exploit in the tech world, fellowship with the holy spirit till you see him on the screen of your computer, get top- notch mentors in your field.

If the Lord has called you into pulpit ministry, make yourself an offering to the body of Christ, dwell on the word, pray till infinity, make concordance and biblical commentaries your daily food, learn ministerial ethics.

When your contemporaries are busy buying designers, use your money to design your future.It can only get better when you start earlier.Be constructively busy!


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