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Problem of Ethnicity in Nigeria – Adebiyi Michael

A write-up by Adebiyi Michael Ayodele

The problems of Ethnicity in Nigeria, it’s Causes and Solutions By Adebiyi Michael Ayodele

    First and foremost, let’s understand the meaning of the word Ethnicity.
    Ethnicity is a feeling that a citizen has such that he/she belongs to a particular ethnic group. This feelings happens when people of a tribe live with other people different from their own tribe.

    Nigeria has about 250 ethnic groups, each speaking its own language and its own unique culture and traditions.

Below is the list of ethnic groups in Nigeria and their share in the Nigerian population :
1. Hausa-25.1%
2. Yoruba-21.0%
3. Igbo-18.0%
4. Ijaw-10.0%
5. Kanuri-4.0%
6. Fulani-3.9%
7. Ibibio-3.5%
8. Tiv-2.5%
9. Others (which includes : igala, itsekiri, Nupe, mumuje etc carries 12% of the Nigerian population).

Optimist Gists Award; The Ardents

     Causes of Ethnicity

 Some of the causes of ethnicity in Nigeria are :

1. POVERTY: the poverty condition of an ethnic group can leads to ethnicity due to lack of resources.

2. ILLITERACY: according to the dictionary, this word means inability to read and write. When people are not educated, it can promote ethnicity because they always adulterate and misinterpret the actions or motives of another persons.

3. POLITICAL STRATEGY: A candidate of a particular political party can make use of ethnicity to fight against his/her political opponent to gain power.

4. CHEATING IN ALLOCATION OF RESOURCES: this as one of the major causes of ethnicity in Nigeria occurs when the revenue to be shared among the various ethnic groups in the country are not equally distributed.

        Consequences of Ethnicity

   Ethnicity may leads to many problems or atrocities in the society. These problems may be:

1. COMMUNAL CONFLICT: this refers to poor relationship, quarrel, argument, fight and enmity among the people of a nation.

2. POLITICAL VIOLENCE: this usually happens during election in Nigeria where supporters of a politician may attack the supporters of another politician from a different ethnic group.

3. WASTE OF TALENTS: people who are qualified in their skills will not be permitted to showcase their talents and gifts in a country where ethnicity exist.

4. NEPOTISM: this is an act of favouring a particular ethnic group even when they are not qualify for it.

Optimist Gists award; The Ardents

       Solutions to Ethnicity

1. People must learn to tolerate one another.

2. All Nigerian citizens must be patriotic.

3. The government should organize a public awareness campaign about the problems and effect of ethnicity.

4. As a Nigerian, we should learn to respect other people’s culture, traditions and their religion.

5. and lastly, inter-ethnic marriage should be encouraged.

     In Conclusion, Ethnicity cannot do a nation any good. Therefore, let’s us all embrace love and peace and with this, we’ll have a new Nigeria.
Writeup Credit:    
       Adebiyi Michael Ayodele

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