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RAPE: An abuse to the girl child

Rape is an end act that is destroying the potentials of our girl child. A girl child is a golden gift from the creator, so let’s come together to appreciate these wonderful creatures we are blessed with, be it a daughter, sister or wife, they all need to be protected from the evil hand of rapists.

Issue of rape is growing rapidly in our society, WHY, we are not supposed to fold our arms and watch the life of our girls been destroyed.
If nobody will answer, I will provide the response myself, NO NO and NO, something must be done and not in later date but now, let’s charge ourselves wit the responsibilities of protection of our girls especially mothers, don’t leave the care of your daughters with just anybody.

Please, rapist are not outsiders but members of the close community ranging from brothers, uncles, and even father.

Their teacher is not their uncle, change the orientation.
Our girls need thorough sex education right from the house, don’t allow an outsider misguide them all in the name of help.
Sitting on a man’s lap is a taboo to all girls which must be observed at all time.

My wonderful mothers out there, the golden question is meant for us, how do we dress our girls, properly, nude or half nude. We all know what we do but the best remain the best irrespective of who is doing it, please dress them moderately, wisely and it must be comfortable. The purpose of clothes is to cover our body and not to expose it, we can afford to buy a screen guide for our phones, please let’s cover the dignity of her daughter, please screen of phone is replaceable but chastity of our girls is of Paramount importance which can not be replaced easily. Please, please and please let’s come together and protect our girls.

Free mingle of children and adults of opposite sex is not seen as anything in our society today. There should be minimal to their mingle even in school.

Issues on rape is not limited to teenagers alone, there are lot of news on newspapers and other media broadcasts about baby and toddlers being raped, how do we link this to, irresponsible, wickedness or social media influence, irrespective of the source, the kids need to be well protected.

I pray we are not forced to be a victim of this evil act but please don’t sympathize with a rapist. If any is caught let’s not keep quiet but report to the appropriate body. Let him/her face the wrath of the law.
Maybe that will serve as a deterrent to others.

He is my brother, he is my friend, he is my family member, he is my boss, the husband of my aunty, the husband of my boss. No matter who he might be, be it the President of a Nation, Governor of a state, a monarch, soldier, politician or any kind of person.
My dear sisters, aunties and mummies, feel free to report to the respective authority or simply visit the nearest police station. Nobody is above the law. You own your body and not for any other person.

I Am Comrade Edu Adam Olayiwola -EDUCARES
Member War Against Rape Initiative

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