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Reach for the zenith in Disability – SU Unilorin


 An afterthought of the Ability In Disability Programme organized by the Students’ Union, Unilorin.

   “When you hear the word ‘disabled,’ people immediately think about people who can’t walk or talk or do everything that people take for granted. Now, I take nothing for granted. But I find the real disability is people who can’t find joy in life and are bitter.” – Teri Garr

The above quote is a summary of the deepest lesson learned at the ABILITY IN DISABILITY program and I have not been able to get it out of my head. I only wished that we were not so busy with what brought us together here in the university; so we would have learned together. But I bring you the highlights of the event.

It was indeed an eye opener to many who are walking here and there with unfulfilled dreams which are at the voyage of answering curtain calls.

Many are with the mindset that they are handicapped and disabled and so, they can’t do or achieve anything in life, some are also filled with lots of grotesque conviction that they are ugly in facial appearance and so, they are not wanted in the society.

But who are you to call yourself ugly when the God that created you and I called all of us dust?
God created us from the dust and called us beauty because all His creatures are bright and beautiful.

The honoree, Dr Samuel Ankeli, a reappointed Senior Special Assistant on Disability Matters by president Muhammad Buhari has promised us alot, enough to make even the able bodied men ask God to make them handicapped.

He kudized the SU Rebranding the Value System administration under the leadership of Okoko Wisdom Passion, for seeing the need to make everyone see reasons to explore in their own sphere and promised that university of Ilorin is going to be approved as center for DISABILITY studies.

He also promised to build and facilitate a special place for the disabled. He made it apparently open that he will “speak with his known and big friends in the country to help build a Special Hostel for people with special needs. There could be a scholarship for them to study abroad and explore.
That’s not all, he also promised to acquire vehicles for the CSSD to make transportation easy and stress free.

This is a big avenue and a call to all and sundry, to come and put their talents and gifts in play.
Remember we have many disabled people all over the world who are a solution we can’t afford to lose or compromise.
Self pity, inferioty complex and depression should not rob your right and opportunity to prove to the world that though you are disabled, you are able and capable to handle life with lots of poise and sagacity.

Come one, come all. Let’s seize this great opportunity and rewrite our tomorrow so we won’t steal from the sorrow of tomorrow when the horrow and terror start to hunt.
Wake up, you have dreamed alot, it’s time to make them a reality because all things are ready, awaiting your response and willingness.
Together we move

Warmest Regard

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