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Reason why Chelsea lost to West Ham – Fans

Chelsea vs West Ham

It was a brilliant winning for West Ham United as they made their victory against Chelsea which ended 3 – 2.
It was clear from start that West ham has higher chance of winning, yet Chelsea possessed them.
 Below are few reasons why Chelsea lost the match

1) Chelsea was bent on getting to third place through the match. Their mindset of winning is to move to third place
2) Chelsea made a substitution of Giroud after things had turned out bad which was wrong.

3) Chelsea could have won the match but they lack strong mid field. 
4) West Ham played all attack and all defend.. But left only one striker at the front to make their clear out useful and meaning.
5) Chelsea was forced to play all attack after their equalizing goal as William scored a free kick.

These are few major reasons I saw among others why Chelsea lost the match.
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