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Session with Oludare Wisdom – CEO Emperor Digital Prints

Emperor Digital Prints

Optimist: What’s your Full name, sir?

 Emperor Wisdom: Oludare Wisdom Ayomide

Optimist: Department and Faculty?

Emperor Wisdom: Department of Educational Technology, Faculty of Education

 Optimist: How’s been schooling so far?

 Emperor Wisdom: Schooling has been quite an experience!
I’ve had both bad and good results, I’ve been broke and rich, and over all I’m grateful to God for my present state.

Optimist: So far, since you started your Emperor brand, What are the challenges you’ve come across?

 Emperor Wisdom: Well, since I’ve started, there have been many competitions, many ridiculous haggling of prices and there are many people who wouldn’t even want to pay for the services at all.
There are even some people who will be like “how much is printing alone apart from your own profit?” But through it all, God has been my Shepherd

Optimist: What are the motivations behind the Name?

Emperor Wisdom: Well, to be candid, I never had a nickname since infantry, so, I decided to manufacture one for myself. Since the Bible says we are heirs of God, and heirs are next to the throne; I then decided to give myself the title of a King.
So around that time, I watched some Korean movies and their kings are called Emperor, so I got the name from there.

Optimist: In the next 5 years, what are your expectations/targets for your brand?

Emperor Wisdom: Well in the next 5 years, by God’s grace I want to have one of the biggest businesses in the design and printing industry.
Okay, just yesterday, someone was telling me how she asked a guy to design something for her and the guy charged her #1,000 for three different designs meanwhile, I told her that I charge #1,500 for each but since she is a close friend, she should pay #1,000 for each.

Optimist: What is your advice for upcoming entrepreneurs? Especially Graphics Designers?

Emperor Wisdom:
Here is my advice

Optimist: Thank you for your time sir.

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