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Sick Child by Balogun Precious Ewatomi | Optimist Gists

Sick Child by Ewatomi


Written by: Balogun Precious Ewatomi.

Listening to the soft and slow rhythm of a beautiful voice piercing through the speakers of a stranger,my ears are literally imitating some Michael Jackson’s move. I bet, Asa’s voice can’t be just better.

Wondering why i have a pink bed spread and a pink pillow wrap..oh shit! A pink face towel too? Am i this girly?
Asa’s voice is slowly going for a commercial break and now i am here wallowing in the thoughts that i have about 4 big tablets to take in and a cap cup of syrup that must be seated in my belle in less than two minutes!

Can i just be okay? Like really!! I have a proposal to draft out, a frigging formal letter to write, two history notes are starring right into my eyeballs waiting for me to frig them. I need a real cuddle,and right now a book cuddle is the least on my list.

Well, i am not dead yet,even if right now i look more like a living beautiful ghost,trust me;with the outfit on me,i can’t date ME!

I will try to take my pills! I will try to be fine! I will try to change my bedspread’s colour! I will try to wear some makeup! I will try to make Asa sing on! I will try to stop penning my thoughts! Wait! What am i still doing????


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