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Some tips you need to know as a Fresher | University of Ilorin

Here are some helpful tips for your first year in UNILORIN:
1. Be swift about making accommodation arrangements: UNILORIN is a pretty stressful school, and transportation challenges don’t help issues. You have to decide where to stay and make arrangements pretty fast before you lose out on opportunities. Accommodation opportunities can be found in any of the school’s hostels (which are far from being adequate), the school’s staff quarters (unconventional), and outside of campus. You’ve got to know the downsides of each of these. The downside of staying outside of campus is finding the means to get back to your lodge after a long day of lectures. Believe you me, the queues for buses and cabs aren’t funny. But it’s preferable to being homeless. If you don’t make arrangements quick enough, you may end up like the homeless few.

2. Don’t be overwhelmed; The freedom university presents can be quite overwhelming but don’t let it get into your head. To cross to 200 level, you need to make at least a 1.5 CGPA. This is extremely easy to achieve, if you ask me. However, many students get weeded out after their first year. So, you need to stay focused.

3. Attend lectures and be fast about getting to designated lecture halls/rooms: Since you’re in your first year, you’ll definitely offer some general, inter or intra-faculty courses. The lectures for such courses are usually crowded and it’s extremely easy to not get seated. Standing while listening to a lecture can be demoralizing. Although it’s inevitable, its occurrence can be reduced by always getting to the designated lecture hall an hour before the time (if you don’t have lectures at that time).

4. Be careful with your properties during night classesNight classes denote studying at night in lecture rooms. No day goes by without some theft of sort. Students and non-students find their way into night classes to cart away various items, including phones and laptops. So, be smart and keep your possessions safe.

5. Dress decently: Unilorin disallows indecent dressing. Dress appropriately.

6. Don’t engage in any illegal activity inside or outside of campus: You’ll be expelled if you commit a grievous offense while in campus. Same thing applies if such offense is undertaken outside of campus and gets to the hearing of the university authorities. We call expulsion ‘facing tanke’.

7. Work to come atop in your class: Unilorin awards academic achievements to a great extent. If at the end of the session you end up being the best in your class with a minimum of 4.0 CGPA, you’ll be awarded with the title of ‘university scholar’. This award comes with over 90,000 Naira worth of scholarship and free hostel accommodation. These also come alongside fame, recognition and respect. As a scholar, you’ll be entitled to join the scholars’ procession at every event in the university auditorium. The sight of scholars making their way into a ceremony is usually fascinating; every individual in the auditorium stands to welcome them.

Optimist Gists NG wishes you a glorious and successful academic programme.

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