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[Tech] A departmental WhatsApp Group Hacked | Unilorin (See details) – Optimist Gists

You need your Institution WhatsApp group link??


Funny Or Not? Whatsapp Group Hacked??

A department in the University of Ilorin experienced a hack on their WhatsApp Group.
The hack was noticed by one of the group’s admins around 8:30am Today(January 15th)
It was noticed when he discovered that he is no more part of the admins when he checked the members.
He also noticed that the cyber ghost has “unadministered” the other admins.

He already knew it has been hacked. The funny thing is that the hacker didnt use Nigerian contact.
He joined using the group Link.
Became the Admin.
“Unadministered the Admins”

The hacker threatened the members in the group and he removed those that “trespass”.

“This group is now a kingdom with one king” – said one of the members.

” This group is not safe” – said another.

He removed the person immediately.

What do you think happened?
How did you think he hacked it??
Did you think Someone made him an Admin?

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