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The cloudburst of Covid-19 and the Aftermath – David Oyekola

Oyekola David
These days there has been salvos of persistent tweets of this viral shower of infirmity dubbed as “COVID-19” around the globe. 

If my memory is still at its prime, I could vividly recall that it was the dawn of the first month, January of 2020, that I sniffed an unpleasant petrichor from China via a pop-up 10 minutes clip, on an online lecture I was viewing on YouTube, of an Asian doctor sensitizing the populace of China and indirectly, the world about what has hit them ‘fast and hard’. 
At that moment, I sensed something imminent but not the precise time.

Well, I will like to use Saki’s words in his book “When William Came, (ChapterVII)”. Saki said;
“In quarters where the fait accompli is an object of solicitude”
Doubtlessly, there has never been a cause with a consequence.

 Therefore, Covid-19 will definitely birth some commanding effect which will be predicated by some dynamics around the globe.
The following are speculated effect of the pandemic on Nigeria and some developing countries;

The Erosion Effect: Some government parastatals, private sectors, educational bodies, and among others things will definitely be swept away by this trending malady. There will be fold ups perhaps due to bankruptcy.

The Leaves dropping Effect: Obviously, every decrepit and weak leaves on a tree drops off during/after some rains; the same goes to all unsubstantial workers out there. It is no more a news that some workers are laid off already. Let’s hope it’s a ‘fullstop‘.

The Budding Effect: Creativity and innovation theory will surely drive in with rapid acceleration, which will propel the blades of some infant business in all sector to fly forward.

The Revitalising effect: Apparanently, the showers of this scourge may revitalise some sectors in the state. Consequently, anything even if it is a being that serves as a barrier may be crushed at the momentum and vigor by which it flies.
Content by: 
David A. Oyekola
HIS Student, Unilorin.
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