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The Cynic Syndrome – Talking Pen and Friends

Talking Pen and Friends

A good amount of Humans are not what they seem, most of us are not either. So Trust none but yourself. You know how it goes; Once bitten, twice shy.

A fairly-trusting soul tries to see the good in others and gets burnt in return by opportunistic persons. With each experience, we lay bricks of our own Babel, not for pride but to protect ourselves from getting hurt again.

“Experience is the best teacher” is locked somewhere in our hearts. So, Men will forever judge occurring situations with the experience of similar situations that occurred before it.

Caution needs to be taken when walking a path that once led to a bite. However this is different from the excessive fear many have. This fear can make you bitter, estranged and in a little while, Cynical. Thus joining the “Trust No One” movement. And that is no way to Live.

Getting bit on a path does not always mean the path is wrong. What if you give the Situation a second chance and not necessarily the “Biter”.

Your Church/Pastor failed you? Maybe they don’t deserve the second chance. But does Christ not?

Your Ex took advantage of you. Maybe you don’t feel like giving him another chance. Will you give Love then?

What if second chance is You Forgiving the “Biter”? What if second chance is You accepting that the “biter”can/has Changed?
“Be on guard and be Courageous” but know this; Courage is drawing a line between genuine caution and needless anxiety.


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