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The Fatalism Mantra – Talkingpen And Friends

The Fatalism Mantra - Optimist Gists

Life throw at us situations that are beyond our control, what can we say but “Que sera sera? Let us resign to fate, after all the future is not ours to see. It is fine, whatever will be will be”.

What exactly do we mean when we use these words? Definitely we know it deep in our hearts that things might not be even if they were meant to be. Are we saying it is up to some Higher forces to decide what will be regardless of our involvement?

Well, that would Short-list the higher forces to two, Chance or God.   Truly Chance has never really been on our side rather it has made us apathetic beings who find it so much easier to blame Others including God for our incapabilities and Irresponsibilities.  

What about He of whom was written “Our God is in the heavens, He does what he pleases”? I say He is the One who also said “Come let us reason together” If He wanted to be the sole determinant of Issues in our Lives He would be Violating the gift of Choice he gave us.  

Whatever will be might not be without your influence. Whatever will be will not be if you make the choice to play idleness on your part.   Stop leaving your life to Chance, it is an insult to the One who gave You His Grace that functions through Faith. Rise up and learn the responsibility your choices demand.  

 The world we live in was spoke into existence, this tells us that; Whatever will be comes into Being through Actions. Remember, Even the mountains that are meant to be can be moved by Faith.

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