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The Law Of Payment – Talkingpen And Mind setters


The earth, proven to be “roughly Spherical” in shape, is technically Round. So it is true, “What goes around comes around comes around”. The good you do will return to you. As for the evil, well, Karma’s got your Back.

From the bedtime stories “You reap what you sow” to the Sunday school classes “Love your Neighbor as yourself”. The principle of “Re-payment” is very much acceptable, “One good turn deserves another”.

But, how far are we going to get if we ride on “if you do me, I do you? How many persons have done their part of “Good turn” for you to return? Since your “do” is dependent on Another’s “done”, Would the world ever get to experience your “Good turn”?

“No one’s been kind to me, I owe no kindness. Why do I have to be a good person at all times? ”

Here’s why: “When you act in kindness, you open a space of positive contributions that speaks to affect generations and timeline beyond yours.

Refusing to let your Kindness be Soiled by the Wickedness of Man is not Weakness. Denying yourself “An eye for an eye” is not Foolishness.

When they tell you; “You are so weak. You should pay her back in her Coin”

Reply them; “You are the weak one, and you have not learnt Forgiveness or Love and I feel so Sorry for you”

Remember; “If we are not Faithful. He remains Faithful. Christ cannot deny who he is”. “For God Is Love”

Love is His Nature just as it is Ours the Moment we receive Him into our hearts.
So, Act according to this Nature not according to people’s actions.


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