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The Overt Vice – Talking Pen and Friends

Truly, a messenger is not to blame for bearing a message that is unpleasant to the ears of its recipient. But That is One of the World’s bad habits. We take out our anger on the most innocent.
There is not much choice in this situation, it’s either the Message is Changed, or the Messenger is attacked. The alternative is for the recipients  to “change their mind” but that option is least considered. A messenger who knows this, should not be surprised when Shot.
      When John preached against Herod’s Unlawful marriage, he was Beheaded. When Jesus Called out the Pharisees on their hypocrisy, He was Crucified. When Stephen defended his Faith before the Council, he was stoned to death.
      Our Generation has its issues too, From Relativism, to pragmatism, feminism and every other “-ism” controversies. No matter the change in titles, the fight still remains Light against darkness, Truth against Error.
     If you have decided to bear the unconventional message at all times, then you should put on a bulletproof vest. People may not be gunned in our generation, still, Modern Iniquity has developed effective ways of “Dealing” with preachers of Truth.
      Dear believer, Our message will not be accepted everytime by everyone. But “I have complete confidence in the gospel; It is God’s power to save all who believe”. There is nothing more rewarding than watching Lives transformed by the Gospel of Christ.
“For this reason I suffer these things: nevertheless, I am not ashamed for I know whom I have believed”.
©Talking Pen and Friends

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