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The Skepticism – Talking Pen and Friends


The Skepticism – Talking Pen and Friends

“Is seeing believing” or “is believing seeing”?

When it comes to human affairs we tend to accept the former but side with the latter in spiritual matters.

      It is completely logical to believe what we see. Eye witness account is a strong evidence in court. But if “all that glitters is not Gold”, could seeing still be believing?

     We live in a world where it’s increasingly hard to believe what we see. We can no longer believe you fainted even if we saw it. These minor doubts forms in us until we become skeptics unawares.

   Skepticism chew on concrete evidence.

That is understandable, but physical evidences are not the only concrete evidences. How else would you explain the things that cannot be seen?

   Is believing then Seeing? Truthfully, there is more truth to this than the latter. Often times, What we believe affects what we see than vice-versa. It explains why some parents would never see anything wrong with/in their child.

     So, “is seeing  believing”? or “is believing seeing”? To keep ourselves from this conflict, we need to have a strong and right belief system.

There will always be those who believe when they do not see and there will be others who will not.

Jesus, however, made it clear the greater of these two: “Blessed are those who believe yet have not seen”

A Right belief-system gives Light for proper Sight!

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