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The Ultimate Silencer – Talking Pen and Friends

       Defining what Beauty is would be an Endless quest. For these are times when the absolute truth is bound in subjection. As it has been said “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder”.

         If the Beholder is the Sole determinant of Beauty, that would mean Beauty is not in itself. It would mean individual Perspective of things determines the truth.

Most times, We use this Phrase as the “Ultimate Silencer” when Contrasting Perspectives are brought into a Conversation. To keep arguing after this phrase has been mentioned, would come off as rude, intolerant and inconsiderate.

What do we say about Eve? She Saw that the tree was Good, did that change the truth that it was wrong?

So, While personal views exist, they do not solely determine nor establish the Truth.

       Beauty does not spring to life when being beheld. Beauty is, even when no one has seen it. Before Man Beheld the Beauty of Nature, The Creator Himself had declared “It Was Good”

    God remains the source of Beauty Morality And Truth. If Beholding matters so much to you, You can take Him as one. What better Beholder can we have than The Creator himself? He has firsthand the Exact Truth of Everything.

   He Makes Everything Beautiful in His Time. And When He Said “Do not Call Unclean, What I have made Clean”,He was Talking about You Believer! 

That is Beauty that Exist even when Men behold otherwise!

©Talking Pen and Friends

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