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Okunola Toluwani Deborah

It is no more a news that the Unilorin best graduating student 2019,  graduated with a CGPA of 4.98 (B.sc. Mathematics).

Okunola Toluwani Deborah is the best graduating student in unilorin 2019.

Apart from the reading, commitment amidst others, here are some things you should learn from her as a person.

1) Choice
2) Expectations
3) Foundation
4) Focus

From her recent interview on Be inspired with Arinola’s web page.


She made mention of choosing Mathematics as her course, now even if from the start, you are convince about what to choose because of your JAMB result of any of the O’level result, You must know what you what you want and be determined about it.
Even if the School changed/is changing/will change your course. Know what you want. Don’t be shaken.


She also made mention of what she wanted at the end of her 4 years in school. She wanted 5.0 CGPA but ended with 4.98 difference of 0.02.
Assuming she had targeted 4.5 which is the beginning point of first Class, She might have had below 4.5
Whenever you are aiming for anything in life even beyond academics, AIM HIGHER.
A quote says

Aim For The Stars, If You Fail, You’ll Land On The Moon


She started with a very high mindset of having 5.0 (8 times) throughout her year of Study. Despite the fact that she is close to 5.0, yet her foundation was solid, very solid.
Had it been she had below 5.0 in 100 level, there is 80% possibility that she won’t have what she is having today.
It is common to many students especially some of the students offering 5-year courses. Some of the students will be like “Our 100level result don’t count”. Which is a very bad mindset toward their respective academic performance.


She said it that she don’t go for parties. Yet, you see some people not going for party, always indoor and those going to party are performing better than they are doing.
Some will stay indoor with the mind that they might see one person that knows them, some will stay back just for saying sake that “she doesn’t go for parties”.
Funny enough, she reads everyday and she used the word consistent.

And even at the end of everything, where is your destination?
Even after this life of yours, where are you going?

Think about it.

(c) Optimist Gists

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