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[Unilorin] Basic things you need to know in examination period

Basic things you need to know in examination period

Basic things you need to know in Exam period
Good day to you, I am writing this just to enlighten students on the things they are likely to come across
and how to go about some of them.

Table of Contents 

a) Rainfall
b) The fluctuation of Electricity
c) Water Issue
d) Night Class events



Now, it is known, be it on the school portal or from friends that it is a tradition that second is called Rain
Semester, and it cannot be over emphasized that rainfall in second semester causes many things, like
missing lectures, going late for test and so on.

We must actually make good use of our time whenever there is light, because since 2016, this session’s
second semester is the second semester that there was electricity supply, unlike the past two


No Doubt, Rainfall is one of the reasons that is causing the Fluctuation of Electricity in second semester
expecially. In some cases, some students will be in night class and suddenly, the electricity will be taken.

It usually discourages students to even go for night class in second semester. And because of our
differences, some students can’t read in night class with a lamp or a torch; they will sleep off. And
whereas, some can’t read in their respective hostel.


Despite the fact that second semester is rain semester, there is always scarcity of water, this session’s
(2018/2019) is worse compared to recent second semesters. You can bear me witness that some female
students do fetch water from the Bakery, Right?! Assuming bakery is not there and it is this worse how
will it be?


There used to be stealing in Night Classes Expecially when there is no light, some students use the
medium to steal. Some students don’t go to Classes at night in second semester for reading purpose,
they will go class and pray they take light so they can operate and steal whatever they want to steal.


• When you see that it is cloudy or probably the weather seems cool and you have class soon, it is
advisable to leave where you are for exam venue, else you will be late for the exam.

• Make sure you try as much as possible to get to exam venue early, if possible 40 minutes before
scheduled time, as the time is subject to change even at the CBT center.

• Make sure you always store/reserve water in some buckets or JERRY CAN/KEG.
• Make good use of light when it is available, and don’t procrastinate

• When you go for night class and there is no light, keep your properties well, if you are sleepy,
look for someone you can entrust your property to.

By Optimist
Copyright ©Optimist Gists

Thank you for reading, do share with your friends.

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