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[Unilorin] Facts about Second semester • Rain Semester

  First and Foremost, Second semester is the shortest based on the time scheduling for lectures, test, exam and some other school activities.

  The truth remains that there’s no time in second semester, everything is fast, the lectures, down to the test and exam, it is advisable for all students to make good use of their time, so the Had I known statement will be something we would be saying, because there won’t be time to think about reading more or about getting more serious.

So as to get the maximum out of the second semester, we must learn to manage our time.

   One of the factors that makes second semester funny and makes it look somehow is the regular light out; especially during test and exam period.
In first semester, there use to be constant power supply and flow of water.

  But this is not constant in second semester. Sometimes, you might be reading in class and the power supply might just be taken off.
And if you’re the type that doesn’t know how second semester operates, you might be forced to reduce the time for your reading, which might discourage you that night.

One of the solutions that I think you apply is that you should make sure you’re with a torch or lamp or any gadget that can give you light, even after several hours  that the power supply has been put off.

  The last but not the least, which is the major part of the second semester, is the Activities; departmental, faculty, & school at whole.
 Many will be tricked and trapped because of activity indulgence of the person. The activities in second semester is just too much.

If you want to achieve your best in second semester, I will advice you to start away from some irrelevant activities.
  Yes, you are here to study and do other things also, but if you didn’t make good use of your time in second semester, what will you use the second semester break for?

 There are picnics, get together, parties, SU Activities and some others. I am not saying you shouldn’t go for any.

 Going for all or going for none does not dictate what your grade will be. But at this same time, you should be able to make good use of your time.

Learn to manage your time,
In all things God first,
When everything is tight and tough,
Remember it’s time.
Just give it time.

I wish everyone success

Thank you for reading.

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