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Unilorin FM: Interview with Evercomedy (Adebisi Jeremiah)

Evercomedy went to Unilorin radio station on the basis of the Success of Bon fire
And being the MC, this year’s bon fire seem to be different in term of turn ups and the population.

Ever comedy was able to do this because of his consistency in his field, Comedy.
EverComedy started this pursuit long time ago, since his 200/300 level days..

Started with a skit, then advance to anchoring picnics down to departmental orientation programmes and see where he is today.

And that is just the beginning of the breakthrough.

He also made mention of the fact that the SU & the School generally should help the entertainers; Artists, MCs and many more.

This will go a long way to boost the social life of the school and bring up talents amidst students.

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