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Unilorin freshers: What you must know before Test/Examination

Congratulatory Message

Happy Matriculation to all Freshers.

Please do well to be a good student.

For the fact that you’re matriculating, don’t be over joyous about it.

Do everything required of you by the school management; department, faculty, school authority at large.

Don’t go extreme and take rash decisions as “facing tanke” is real.

Make sure you adhere to school instruction with all seriousness.

Don’t go against school rule, most especially examination rules..

Be a good students.

To all 18/
Congratulations on your matriculation!!!

My little advice

Let’s start from Time Management, If you are the type that assimilate at a slow pace and you’re just reading now, it is not good for you, at all.
Get yourself together regardless of when you resume, just be determined and manage your time well.
&nbstp;This 100 level is where you can start maximizing your grade points. It is the foundation which must be solid.

 Secondly, Overcoming fear, some students are afraid based on what some students in higher level I.e 200level & above has told them, or has exposed them to. You must just be yourself, keep calm and do your test/exam.

Moreover, most student are often scared of the CBT time setting I.e GNS C.A. 25 questions in 8 minutes.
 Just keep calm and pick your answer correctly. Always listen to instructions at the CBT halls. Don’t be in haste to start as you might be delayed if you start before your time.

 Your dress code matters a lot, dress well, keep your hair tidy and stay safe.
 Attend tutorials(Tutorials that will help you) even in exam period. Don’t be ignorant and be like, “If I go for tutorial, I might not have time to read personally

Don’t be the ITK type. Humble yourself, read your books, pray to God, and go for your exams.

Don’t forget this:

According to the school portal, the  instructions below were made.

1. Students are to note that the examinations for each course will hold as scheduled.

2. Lateness WILL NOT be countenanced.

3. Only coloured course registration forms bearing passport pictures of candidates on the university portal will be acceptable for admittance into
the CBT for examinations.

4. Students should also ensure that they also come with valid/current ID Cards.

5. No form of forgery or manipulation of forms and/or ID cards will be tolerated.

6. No bags, wallets, biros, phones, bangles, neck-chains, wrist/ankle-chains and wristwatches of any type are allowed at the CBT centre.

7. Calculators are not allowed for MAT 112, 114, 116, 206 and 208

8. Pencil (wooden type only) may be allowed.

9. All Regulations Governing Examinations as spelt out in the Academic Regulations Hand Book including Dress Code and Proper grooming must be adhere to.

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