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Unilorin: PASSION reacts to the new development on Campus

When the elders said “The people who turn out best are those people who make the best out of the way thing turn out
The elders were not wrong after all, because the 30th of January, 2020 actually projected the reality of this powerful axiom.

On the fateful evening of this day, The Students Union president of University of Ilorin, PASSION paid a “rare” visit to one of the hostel on Campus, which only few Students’ Union presidents have paid in the past “God-know” years.

A reporter from Optimist Gists, Zuguru Donald, a 400 Level Library and Information Science student, University of Ilorin
interviewed the Students Union President, PASSION about the new development on Campus.

Donald: Mr. President, I am very happy about the new buses on campus. Which is one of the things students have been yelling for, because the “Korope” drivers are becoming so powerful, whereby they recently went on strike and have been taking students for granted. But I am so happy those buses are on campus now.
 So, how did you come about the idea of bringing these buses on campus, because transportation has been a big issue?

PASSION: Wherever there is a WILL, there will always be a WAY. While campaigning, we said we were going to deliver
advance welfarism to all unilorites. When we got to power, we started exhausting all possible means to advance the students’
welfarism. We wrote proposal and submit to a lot of companies and some companies showed interest and approved the proposal

He further played and snapped pictures with students in the environs of Chapel of the Light

Video Shot by: Oyekola David Akinloluwa (APOSTLE) – a 200 Level History and International Studies student, University Of Ilorin.


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