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Unilorin: SU President’s message to all students

Unilorin SU

The Student Union President, University of Ilorin, Okoko Wisdom wishes all students HAPPY NEW MONTH.

“It is no news that we were taken off guard by the course of nature in the garment of

COVID-19 and the ASUU Strike. We may seem to have been tossed around by these situations surrounding us as a country and as a university; but be that as it may, we have an

edge of advantage that will always lift us above our current challenges.

This is why as your President, I have come with this message of hope.

The adversity has indeed bridged a distanced gap between the office of the President

and every member of this union. It saddens my heart that we can not resist this inevitable margin as I have deeply missed the presence of each and every one of you on campus.


I must commend all the efforts, support, and corporation that has been given to me by

my fellow Passionate Unilorites, this I don’t take for granted at all and that is why I would

continue to serve the Union with all diligence, commitment, and Passion.


I must also celebrate the standby efforts of the University Management and in particular

the Students’ Affairs Unit for their role. To my ever-supportive team from the CEC

down to the Class Reps of various classes in departments, may your efforts and commitment to the Rebranding the Value System Administration never go unrewarded.


The ASUU strike and COVID-19 pandemic are challenges that face us as a nation and

most importantly as a university community. They have raised their ugly head at this

time when we least expect them as a University and as a Union; truncating plans which

cost dearly; emotionally, academically, financially and otherwise.


 And apparently, it seems like the sounds of updates about these situations are not pleasing to the ears.


As students of the better by far university who had not experienced the strike action

since we came on campus only to hear the waves and unpleasant news of our participation in the ASUU struggle, I must say that I feel your pain and in short I am grieved that as dear Unilorites, we have to suffer this menace as a consequence of lack of priority for our educational system by our leaders.


In this crisis I must submit and encourage us dearly that our stand of hope should be firm, our focus should not be shaken, our core values should be upheld as we move with an understanding that even this too will pass and together we would be back on campus.


On the COVID-19 pandemic that has befallen the world and in turn our nation, I am

grateful to God that none of our Passionate Unilorites have fallen a victim and I want to

use this medium to also thank the university for immediately swinging into action by

setting up a committee on the Corona Virus to sincerely monitor the pandemic for the

university with the students as a major focus.



The committee has been so effective as sanitizers, nose masks and testing facilities have been made active on ground to manage the situation appropriately. My dear call to all Unilorites is to maintain a high sense of obedience of instructions given by the NCDC by most importantly, remaining indoors till we hear that the outdoors are now safe for us.


The pandemic is a challenge that we must all come together to fight and we believe that those infected would recover soonest and life would soon return to normal.

In a swift response, we received regarding the concerns of properties left behind by students in their respective hostels (most especially those staying off-campus, Tanke axis).


We moved round to hostels to confirm the safety of these properties. The case was taken to the offices of the local police and vigilante and they also pledged their unwavering support as they also ensured they would increase patrols and make efforts to tighten the security grip within communities that harbors a large number of the students’ holdings.


The union has also made strategic moves to keep our dearest students/members occupied, the following initiatives have been induced thus far:


– The ongoing talent hunt

– Encouraged and facilitated departmental lecturers and seminar

– Inspection of COVID-19 prevention facilities on Campus in preparation for resumption.

– Inspection of the college site sport facility

– Distribution of palliatives to over 300 students with contribution mainly from the state

government and the Students Affairs Unit.


Remember second semester is going to be short which means, activities and lectures

might be faster than expected. Don’t sleep on it, try and get the necessary materials to

read ahead of time because a stitch in time saves nine. For those who still have one to

two first semester’s exams to write, prepare ahead of time because you might be taken


+2348101975556 | Kaduna Nzeogwu Building |

I wish us a productive compulsory break.

You can also follow the office of the President via Twitter to get timely updates and

information concerning crucial matters @uilsu_president

Take care, and stay safe.

God bless you,

God bless the University of Ilorin,

God bless Nigeria.”+2348101975556 | Kaduna Nzeogwu Building |

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Good work optimist, keep it up sir. You are going places

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