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Unilorin: What you should know in examination period

Of course, we are in examination period, and it is expected that average students should have started reading long time ago.

But there are certain things you ought to know as a student in this examination period.

Firstly, before anything you could ever thought of, Put God first.
It is that even as we are here to study, and plan to leave after 4,5 or 6 years as the case may be. We shouldn’t neglect the fact that it was someone that brought us to this Campus and it for a reason.
Acknowledge God and put him first in everything

Secondly, Know your real self. The fact still remains that we should not fail in the field of discovering our identity (academically).
If you are the type that read best and assimilate in the afternoon, don’t schedule your reading time table to afternoon and vice versa.
It is best to know yourself and implement the timeframe of your reading time.

You are reading: What you should know during the Exam

Moreover, don’t forget the use of TIME. I quote an often saying that says “Time is money, spend it well”.
Mind you, it is spend it well not spend it slowly.
Never see a moment as a part 1 of itself; thinking there will be a second part.
If you don’t use your time well, it will shock you that there’s no time to actually think about calculating wasted time.
If you don’t invest well in TIME today, you will pay for it sooner or later. Use your time judiciously.

Nevertheless, on no reason should you cheat in a Test/Exam.
If you didn’t prepare very well, then you should face the consequences/penalties of not preparing very well.
It is better to fail honorably then to be rusticated.

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Always pray before and after your Test/Examination even when you’ve not perform up to expectation.
Man thinks, only God brings to fulfillment; the man’s thinking

I remain my humble self, Optimist.

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